In-house laboratories

  • 8 quality control laboratories
  • 15 research and application development laboratories
  • 5 QA/QC and application development laboratories

We conduct functional testing and provide technical support to improve the performance of our customers’ products.

Quality and applications laboratories

  • Foodstuffs
  • Dyes and pigments
  • Lubricants
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Oil and gas
  • Chemicals
  • Solvents and coatings

Food laboratories

  • Technical support for new product and application development.
  • Support to improve and strengthen communication and customer-supplier relationship.
  • Customer and vendor training to update and disseminate technical knowledge of our products.
  • New technologies: Protein stabilization, emulsion stabilization, suspension, texture, viscosity and gelification, fat substitution, preservation.

Oil and gas laboratories

  • Collaboration agreement with the Mexican Petroleum Institute.
  • Functionality testing and technical support to improve the performance of our customers’ products.
  • Specialized laboratory equipment for testing and analysis.
  • Pre and post-sale technical advice and sample analysis.

Lubricant laboratories

  • Determination of physical-chemical characteristics of lubricants, such as viscosity, density, pH, humidity, etc.
  • Determination of metals in the oil.
  • Refractometry
  • Training room and mobile laboratory for sample analysis, videoscopies and showroom for marketing demonstration tools.

Mining laboratories

  • Our laboratory helps us understand the variability of ore parameters that affect flotation, water treatment and solvent extraction performance.
  • Standardized tests and assays, an excellent set of laboratory equipment and experienced technicians allow us to develop customer-specific products.
  • We conduct flotation and foaming tests in the flotation area.
  • We conduct more than 10 different analyses for product selection in the water treatment area.
  • We also have a vast experience in the area of solvent extraction.

Specialty laboratories

  • Solutions to finished product performance problems.
  • Development of prototypes whose application allows validation of the performance of our materials and of the new launching of our commercial partners.
  • Development of base formulations to allow the development of new finished products.
  • Stability studies of physicochemical properties and performance of formulated products.

Laboratorios de aplicaciones

  • Tenemos laboratorios donde se generan formulaciones para nuestros clientes, proporcionamos asesoría técnica para mejorar la funcionalidad de sus productos o para seleccionar el mejor insumo.
  • También impartimos cursos de capacitación para la elaboración de diferentes productos de cuidado personal y del hogar.

Paint and coatings laboratories

  • It is fitted with the equipment required for measuring physical properties such as: viscosity, pH, tinting strength, degree of grinding, drying speed, distillation range, chromatography, non-volatile matter (solids determination).
  • Application services for: coatings (spray, bar, spray, spray, immersion); evaluation of coating properties (gloss, thickness, hiding power, hardness); development of formulations (dispersions).

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