Logistic services

Transportation of hazardous materials (3PL)

Specialized services 3PL
Proceso de destrucción fiscal
Specialized production services
Warehousing capacity and scope
Other logistic services
Our service offer
  • Vehicles equipped to ensure cargo protection and on-time delivery.
  • Branch offices to safeguard and secure our customers’ merchandise and eliminate shortages of raw materials and/or merchandise at production plants.
  • Infrastructure and technology capacity to meet our customers’ special requirements.
  • 33 branches in Mexico, 3 in Central America and 5 in Brazil.
  • Knowledge, experience and standards to handle:
    – General cargo
    – Full truckload (FTL)
    –  Consolidated Logistics (LTL)
    – Food grade product
    – Hazardous product
3PL Specialized services
  • Pallet storage
  • Delivery at our counter
  • Goods insured at no additional cost
  • Cross dock
  • Distribution in 500 cities in Mexico
  • Import procedures and international freight
  • Rental of tanks for liquid products
  • Outsourced transportation
  • Cyclic counts and periodic reports
Specialized production services
  • Transfer
  • Jugging
  • Labeling
  • Plastic and metal drums
  • Bagging
  • Full analytical laboratory service
  • Mixing, grinding and dilution services
  • Reduce logistics and operating costs by sharing warehousing and inventory management expenses with other companies.
  • Reduce international and domestic transportation costs on all routes by integrating consolidated general, hazardous and specialized cargo.
  • Entrust logistics and distribution management to an expert company.
  • Ensure responsible handling of your products throughout the supply chain.
  • Greater focus on development and customer service, while the company supports you with the logistical management of your operation.
Hazardous product storage service



Solid warehouse (m2)


Liquid warehouse (Lt)






Storage services may be sold by “pallet position” or by square meter.

  • Pallet Position (Space occupied by a standard pallet 1m wide, 1.20m, 1.70 m high) Ex: A pallet with boxes of agrochemicals.
  • Square meter (Space occupied by the stored material in terms of square meters) E.g.: 7m long PVC pipes.

We are the first Latin American company to be certified as a “Responsible Distributor” by the National Association of Chemical Distributors, guaranteeing our operations with world-class standards.


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