Solvents and blends

We distribute solvents and solvent blends designed to meet high performance specifications. We also provide raw materials for the automotive, printing and coatings industries and other manufacturers.

We offer an extensive range of products such as thinner, toluene, white gasoline, acetone, methanol and industrial alcohol, among others.

We develop formulas to suit your needs and actively participate in the retail distribution market for hardware and paint stores, lumber camps, dry cleaners and furriers, and for carpenters, joiners and other woodworkers.

Solvent Recycler Process

  • We are one of the few companies in Mexico with our own solvent recycling process.
  • We offer environmental solutions for the management of used solvents.
  • We also provide specialized solvent recovery services so as to enable our customers to focus on their core activities, thereby giving them a competitive advantage in the reuse of their own solvents.


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